September 22, 2017

Don’t Let Doubt Count You Out

People are caving in mentally. People are under pressure on the job, in the home, in their families, working in their fields, doing what they know to do for the Lord. And it’s possible—even when you’re doing what you do for the Father and for your family—to feel the pressures of life beating down on you, and suddenly … cave in. Discouragement, depression, and defeat can slowly creep in until it’s overwhelming and you’re left asking, “What’s the use?”


If there is anything scripture teaches about life under pressure it is these seven things:


  1. We need the supernatural anointing of the Holy Spirit. Do you limit what is possible to what you are able to do in the natural? Are your goals and visions impossible unless the Holy Spirit bridges the gap between your ability and the vision?
  2. We are too timid and apologetic with our faith. Do you find yourself being too apologetic or too timid with your faith? What about your prayers?
  3. We must be generous. If your generosity were measured by where your money goes, would you be considered a generous person? Are the Lord and His church in that equation?
  4. We have to stop whining and murmuring. Be honest. Is there a constant running list of grievances or complaints or injustices or any other kind of negativity that you run through your mind or say under your breath on a regular basis? Are you a murmurer? Should you be?
  5. We cannot be ruled by fear of failure or rejection. Is your last rejection experience fresh in your memory? Are you experiencing rejection right now? Does this keep you from taking next steps when you feel called to move out? Do you suffer from a shortage of confidence? In you? In God?
  6. Prejudice and bigotry must die. Take every thought captive. Are there corners of your mind where prejudice still exists? Are you willing to surrender those parts of you and the memories associated with them to the Lord?
  7. Doubt is the mountain most of us face. Doubt is saying I believe, but I don't know how. Where are your doubts housed? What do you doubt right now?


I believe that it’s possible for the child in us to die, the spiritual child. But you don’t want to let that happen. You want to hold on to that sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, your excitement for the Lord, your enthusiasm for Jesus. Keep the original innocence of faith that you had when you first came to Jesus. That genuine passion and sincere hope will keep your spirit fresh and alive!


A child gets excited about anything and everything … about the smallest thing. We should come to God’s house like that, like we can’t wait to see what God’s going to do! Somebody’s going to get saved. Somebody’s going to get healed. Somebody’s family is going to be blessed. Keep the child in you alive. Stay open. This is a new day. God’s going to do a new thing!


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