Do You Have a Titus and a Barnabus in Your Life?

November 3, 2017

In this era where it’s cool to go it alone, relationships still matter. When God chooses to bless you He sends a person. When the devil chooses to discourage you he sends a person. There are people that can help advance your purpose and there are some sent to snuff it out. Choose your closest friends carefully. Relationships matter…and so does discernment.


I believe that there are “flesh people” who constantly speak fear and doubt and there are “spirit people” who speak wisdom while challenging you to be the best version of yourself. Spirit people are the right voices that lead to the right choices. They are blessing people.  Flesh people are full of fear, doubt, and condemnation.


God has Kingdom connections for each of us. There are people who can open a door to your next assignment that you could never open on your own. One person can become a bridge to your greater purpose. If you stop and think, the distance between where you are today and where you want to be can be bridged by just one pivotal gatekeeper. You are just one Kingdom connection away from your next level assignment.


Two People You Need in Your Life

The apostle Paul in the Bible is a recognizable name. He wrote most of the New Testament and started churches all over the world. But most of us would not recognize the names Titus and Barnabas. Few know that without Titus and Barnabas, the story of Paul would be very different. For every person who wants to take their next steps of faith, religious or otherwise, they need a Titus and a Barnabas in their corner.



Titus was an encourager. Many times, when conflict was headed Paul’s way, it would be Titus who would smooth those waters with the difficult people or situations. Life is going to throw us curve balls and they usually come in the form of difficult people. A Titus friend has your back. A Titus friend knows just the right words to say to remind you of your worth.





Then there are Barnabas people. Barnabas people hold you to your potential and remind you of who you are meant to be. Barnabas people won’t let you take “no” for an answer and are your greatest cheerleaders, not because they are in awe of you, but because they believe the world is in need of what you have to offer, and understand your need to give it.




Sum It All Up

Titus people say, “You can make it!” Barnabas people say, “It is so important that you make it…the world is counting on you!” If you look, you will know who your Titus and Barnabas are, or what to look for when they come into your life.


God will send you encouragement at the right times. Don’t let discouragement keep you from being the person you were created to be. Kingdom connections are all around you. Find them and and you will move the world. And the world is ready to be moved.


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