October 20, 2017

Distance Between You and God?

Ever feel like you are walking around and going through the motions of your life, but you are dying. You can cover it up for a while, but eventually it will get into your walk and into your talk and it will get a hold of your thinking…and then you are really in trouble. Isolation sets in as you withdraw from the people of God and seek comfort with others struggling with the same.


Sin separates you from God. If you are feeling far from God, and going through the motions of each day…all alone, then there is a reason for the distance. And you need to hear this: God hasn’t gone anywhere. He is right there…one prayer of repentance away from restoration. You don’t have to live in isolation or guilt or condemnation. You can walk in freedom, because grace wins. Every time, it wins.


Think about this

  1. Can you remember a time when you were still struggling with something that God previously delivered you from? Why?
  2. When you go through things is your first instinct to think and worry and strive…or is it to worship?
  3. Rate your faith life on a scale from 1-10, with 10 being powerful and unafraid and 0 being no faith at all at all. What would it take to move your faith closer to a 10?


All of us go through things. All of us struggle with sin and none of us is above being tempted. And there isn’t one person alive who has not sinned. Sometimes sin can get a hold of us in a way that we begin to wear it like a leper carries leprosy. The wages of sin IS death, and separation…it just is. But praise God we have a hope! We serve a God who provides forgiveness for our sin and a miracle cure called mercy, grace and hope! He can restore you! He can make you whole again. Call out His name! God stands ready to heal and forgive. You don’t have to live like what you’ve been through. Get your worship back. Praise Him. He will be with you in the fire.


Let’s talk.


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