May 10, 2017

Catch Me

Feel like you are about to fall? Feel overwhelmed? Feel like you are doing all you can to stand…but falling is a very real possibility? Help is closer than you think. Weight of the world about to crush you? Help is literally a prayer and a phone call away! So why not reach out…why not reach up? We all have moments of weakness…but they need not define you. Let them be mile markers on your life’s journey that attest to each time you were overwhelmed…and God came through.


Q: Has God come through for you recently? Tell me about it now. I want to hear your story.


Know someone that needs your help . . . right now? What’s holding you back? Too busy? Too lame? Too selfish? Take a moment right now and search your brain and see if there is someone in your life, past or present, who could really use YOUR strong shoulders to help lift the weight of the world off their shoulders?


Q: Who needs your help? Tell me that name…that face that came to your mind almost immediately. Who needs your help? Why not now? Why NOT you?


Sometimes, too much of a good thing, can lead us into the deep end of the pool and before you know it . . . you’re in over your head.


Q: Are you in over your head RIGHT NOW? I want to hear that story. I want to pray with you. I want to offer encouragement and maybe even a Word in season.


Tell me YOUR story. I’m listening!


For some great resources on this topic, try each of the links below. They WILL NOT disappoint.


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And please remember . . . I’m listening. Let’s BLOG.


Dr. Rich