November 30, 2018


Fearing that we would be dashed against the rocks, they dropped four anchors from the stern and prayed for daylight. 
-    Acts 27:29

Have you ever really thought about the importance of anchors? Maybe not, but sometimes life and death hinges on having proper anchors in place.

On March 27, 2009, two NFL players and two of their friends were in a tragic boating accident in the Gulf of Mexico. A storm came up and because the boat was improperly anchored, it capsized. Sadly, three of the four young men lost their lives because of how their boat was anchored.

In Acts 27, Paul was traveling by ship to Rome when a vicious storm arose, threatening the survival of everyone on board. As the gale pushed the ship near land, the crew dropped four anchors to secure the boat and prevent it from being broken to pieces on the rocks.

Everyone experiences storms in their lives. You may be sailing in calm water now, but one day you will face a storm. When that happens, it’s crucial to be properly anchored.

I want to share with you four key anchors to sustain you and bring you peace in the midst of the storm:

1.    Anchor of Purpose. Our purpose predates our conception. Jeremiah said before he was even in his mother’s womb, God knew him and had a purpose for his life (Jer. 1:5). Our purpose was planned without our input. God didn’t ask our opinion. He put a divine purpose in each of us that is unstoppable, as long as we are following Him. 

In the storm, focus on your purpose. Focus on what is ahead of you. Champions focus on what they’re going to, not what they’re going through. As long as you’re serving God, you’re moving toward your purpose.

Remember, God put you here. God called you. You’re going somewhere. Your life has God-ordained purpose, and a storm cannot stop you. In fact, it may be moving you toward your destiny.

2.    Anchor of Courage. When we’re in a storm, fear often rises, threatening to control our actions and attitudes. But courage in the face of the storm brings strength. That’s why God told Joshua repeatedly to be of good courage (Joshua 1:7-9).

God promised to never leave us and to see us through every situation we face here on earth. We don’t fall apart in the storm. We don’t feel sorry for ourselves in the storm. We don’t complain about the storm. No, we stand up on our two feet, we put our eyes on Jesus, we bolster our courage, and we say, “I can make it through this storm. I’m not quitting. I’m going forward.” 

Courage means daring to dream again. Courage means trying one more time. Be brave—God will take you through to the other side. Believe it!

3.    Anchor of Worship. You know what Christians do in a storm? We worship. We don’t worship God for what He’s done. If we did, we wouldn’t worship when things weren’t going our way. But we worship Him for who He is. He is the creator of all things and the master of all things. He controls the storms. Whether our life right now is calm or stormy, God is still God and we still worship.

The most powerful thing we can do in a storm is to throw our hands up and begin to worship. Worship brings answers. Worship brings breakthrough. Worship brings victory. 

Don’t let the enemy steal your worship when you’re in a storm. Even when it looks dark, bleak, and dangerous, don’t let anything stop you from worshipping the One who will assuredly bring you through. 

4.    Anchor of Church. Power and protection come from being anchored to a church. We find encouragement at church. We find support at church. God’s Word is poured into us at church. 

When you’re in a storm, don’t run from church. It’s easier to fall into despair when you’re battling alone. You may find yourself drifting into depression and fear during a storm but coming to church helps you stay anchored to Jesus, the immoveable, unshakeable, steadfast rock. 

Don’t give up on gathering together with God’s people in His house. Church will keep you secure and at peace through the storm by reminding you of the faithfulness of your God.

Are you in the midst of a storm right now? Maybe your marriage is in a storm. Maybe your finances are in a storm. Maybe your health is in a storm. Maybe you feel you are about to go under. Be at peace—you have an anchor.

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure…
-    Hebrews 6:19

God is the anchor for our souls, and our anchor is firm and secure. Be of good courage—He will see you through the storm.