A Thousand Times More

January 5, 2019

May the Lord, the God of your ancestors, increase you a thousand times and bless you as he has promised!
-    Deuteronomy 1:11

This coming year—2019—is going to be powerful. It’s going to be the year of a thousand times more.

Wouldn’t you like to have a thousand times more of God’s presence in your life and in the lives of your children and grandchildren? How about a thousand times more of God’s favor in your church, your business, and your home? 

That’s what I’m believing for. And I’m believing it for your life. A thousand times more sounds pretty big, but our God is a big God. 

You may know that we start each new year out with a 21-day fast. We do a “Daniel Fast,” eating no meat, bread, or sugar for 21 days. During this year’s fast, we’re going to be praying and seeking God’s face for a thousand times more of Him than we’ve ever had in our lives.

Let me share a story with you. I was recently in Israel and while I was there, I was blessed to see Mount Gilboa. It reminded me of a man in the Bible who started out humble but ended up prideful.

That man was Saul, who became the first king of Israel. He was actually born on Mount Mizpah. In Hebrew, Mizpah means, “to be bent low.” Sault started out low. He started out humble, knowing that without God he could do nothing. He felt unworthy to be king and recognized his own insufficiency. Saul knew he needed God’s help.

That’s the kind of person God can use.

God raised Saul up. God favored Saul, anointed him as king, and gave him great success.

Sadly, the more God prospered Saul, the more Saul’s pride grew. God said that when Saul was small in his own eyes, he became the head of the tribes of Israel (see 1 Samuel 15:17). But when he became filled with pride, God could no longer use him. 

Saul died on Mount Gilboa. Amazingly, Gilboa is Hebrew for, “to be exalted.” 

Saul started on Mount Mizpah, being bent low, humble, and totally dependent on God. He died on Mount Gilboa, the mountain of pride. They hung him and his sons on that mountain. He was born on the mountain of humility, but he died on the mountain of pride.

Saul’s pride cost him everything. 

If we aren’t careful, pride can cause us to pay a high price as well.

That’s why fasting is so important.

When we fast, we humble ourselves before God. We are saying, “God, I need you right now just as much as I ever did. You’ve given me so much, but I know it’s all through Your power and not my own.”

We must never get to the place where we feel we can do it on our own. We must never feel our gifting, our talent, our education is enough. God uses us when we recognize our dependency on Him. When we become arrogant and prideful, we’re setting ourselves up for a fall.

For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted (Matthew 23:12).

One of the greatest results of fasting is that we humble ourselves so God can exalt us. 

When we ask for a thousand times more in 2019, we ask it humbly. We ask it in the brokenness and humility of a fast. We ask it while recognizing that everything we are, everything we have, and everything we will ever accomplish is a gift from the hand of God.

Will you join us in a 21-day fast this new year? Will you agree with us in humility and faith that 2019 will be the year of a thousand times more?

Lord Jesus, we say yes. We agree. You are calling thousands of people to join together and start 2019 with a fast. We agree together for a thousand times more souls to be saved and lives to be changed. As we humble ourselves, we pray that when it is the right season You will raise us up. You will exalt us and use us for Your glory.

In Jesus name, let it be so.


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account_circle Unathi Sibanda

Hi guys! It's so amazing to be on this platform! This is something that I had prayed to God about since I was young, to be a part of His communicate,to communicate with you all, to just talk about our Lord God and Saviour and declare His good works now and forever! What is beautiful about an answered prayer is that it's more of a revelation of what you had all along and not what you've been missing. That the whole time God had been with me and will never leave (God has said, "Never will I leave you; never will will I forsake you" Hebrews 13:5 NIV). What He read from my prayer was what I needed (from what I suspect) was to have my eyes opened to His faithfulness, His ever present help in and out of trouble. That He is good all the time and that I wanted my eyes to be opened to His goodness. This fast is helping me realise that I don't need more stuff. I need Jesus. I need my Lord God and Saviour. That He is everything that I will ever need. Reading some of your comments just reminds me that I'm not alone in this. That I make mistakes too, I will feel discouraged, I wouldn't feel like getting up but there is a FORCE that is much greater that just washes all of that away which is so amazing and that is just who our Almighty God is.The beauty of that is, is that God is here to pick us all up and that we can all carry on and not give up! What I love about being in this with you all is the strength we draw from each other and knowing that God is the source of all this strength. I get encouraged to continue, to carry on going, to get to the promises that we have in Christ Jesus( with God's help of course) with you all and that victory is ours in Christ! We have the whole of heaven cheering us on to complete the race! That's so cool! (2Thessalonians 2:16-17) "May our Lord Jesus Christ Himself and God our Father, who loved us and by His grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope, encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word" NIV We can do it! Carry on going and Hope in the Lord our God! We can do it

account_circle Lisa Smith

I started my fast on Jan 1. I have had only fruits & veggies. No bread, no meat, no intentional sugar but what is in fruit, no coffee which is my vice! It was hard at first and then became easier. Yesterday I felt attacked with depression. Feeling no hope for a better future. I understand how Jesus was tempted for 40 days. I have never done a fast this long and been successful. I am happy the Holy Spirit gave me this strength. I am praying for breakthrough but most importantly a closer walk with the Lord. Should I water fast? Is that more powerful than the Daniel Fast?

account_circle Stacey Combs

Lord God....more of You, less of me. Help me to walk out your will in my life. 1000 times more blessings in my entire life, today and tomorrow. Please bless my sons, my Grandson and Granddaughter. Please Lord, heal and knit my family together. Let all hurt and broken hearts be mended and made new. Let each and everyone of my relatives come to a saving knowledge of You, Lord. Guide, direct, lead us all in the paths of righteousness Lord. We need You. Thank You for all You're about to do in our lives. Spirit breakout and tear down walls of mistrust and anger. Love on us all Father as only You can. I trust You Lord. The Hope of My Heart! In Jesus' Name, Amen!!!

account_circle Debra Fannin

Day 9, God is so faithful

account_circle Veronica Gillett

First day. I believe in 1000 times more for myself, my family and my country! Amen. Already failed as I thought cereal was OK, thinking it was a grain. I believe for my daughter to be completely healed from addiction and will have the desire to seek, find and start a job. I believe my son will find stability in his life with his job and finances and all relationships. I believe that my children's minds will be strong and sure and mentally sound. Amen!

account_circle Leeann Egner

This will be my first fast and I want to have a new start with my relationship with the Lord. I believe that a thousand times more for 2019. I believe that God can deliver my daughter from addiction of drugs. I pray for unsaved loved ones and for my growth in the Lord 1000 times more. I believe that my husband will be saved and be the Godly leader of our home. In Jesus name amen.

account_circle Mary Hayes

Amen I am believing ⚡️💫🎊🎉⭐️🌟😮😊🙏🏾❤️😢✨😇🙂😊

account_circle Mary Hayes

Hello community of believers and fasting teams ! I am in agreement with what God can do ! Hebrews 10 23 . He is faithful that promised!!! In his promise Deuteronomy 1:11 The Lord God give and make you a thousand time more ! And bless you ! I wasnt faithful to him on this journey of the 2019 fasting month I was doing the Daniel fast but ate chicken I feel so bad and not worth his time and love ! But asking for forgiveness! He still is faithful,so I must be faithful to him to receive .he is worthy to be praise , and honor so as I continue this 21 fasting and praying 🙏🏾 please let also keep each other in prayer !! Amen and God richly bless you all and this wonderful ministry here ⚡️🌟⭐️❤️

account_circle Angela Wright

This will be my first day! 1/14/2019- 2/3/2019

account_circle Angela Wright

This is actually my 3rd time fasting with Jentezen Franklin and partners around the world. 1000x times more blessing as been my promise that I have been hanging on for months and this feels so right that I will receive my 1000th fold blessings according to Deuteronomy 1:11. I'm believing for a miracle financially for my home- keep my home debt free, my fulfill God's purpose, my children and their walk with God to be first priority in their lives and their protection, and restoring my relationships in Jesus name, Amen

account_circle Billie Murphy

Father, I come in agreement with this prayer. You are a Mighty God and nothing is impossible for you! I love you! In Jesus name!

account_circle Rose Gwanfogbe

Thanks so much Pastor JF for the theme of a thousand times more for 2019 Fasting according to Deuteronomy 1:11. Yes. I am trusting and believing our Heavenly Father for a thousand times more in all areas of my life, family, community, the Nations(Cameroon, South Africa, Israel, USA, Ethiopia etc.) and the other Nations on earth by His grace.

account_circle Grace Shonhai


account_circle Narbahadur Shrestha

Dear pastor Jentezen Franklin Greeting from heartily. Thank you for email me, and taking careing for me, and my ministries. Sorry pastor,I can't fast 21days because my health is not good as much as you think, I am 65years old, and secretary of Jeevan Jyoti Church, which lies in Janapath, Bharatpur, Chitwan In Nepal. God bless you and your family and ministries forever.

account_circle Antonia Silva

Amen.....1000 times more of the presence & anointing of God upon every member of the body of Messiah in the name of Yeshua!!

account_circle Taiwana Harris

I am participating! I am believing God for 1000 times more joy, peace, favor, salvation for family members! It is so in Jesus’ Name! I am looking forward to a renewal and spiritual revival! Thank you Lord for this ministry!

account_circle Mary Hayes

After reading this blog !! I am expecting a thousand more this 2019 fasting year 😊. 1000 more with my family members, church members 😮!! Thousand more healing , protection, deliverance, protection, Peace , Joy , financial increase , more lifestyle change for living in sin ! No more fear , doubt , increase in faith !! Supernatural impossible turn to the impossible 🎉🎈🙏🏾❤️🎊 Knowing that All Things are possible WIth God 🙏🏾. The situation with Y. T ! All my kids find a above Job !! Healing I, My mom and one dealing with Emotions issues while they are Here on earth 🌎. Nev Jose to stop running! I know I serve a Eph 3:20 God !! And he going to show he is Amen ⭐️🌟✨⚡️💫

account_circle Ellen Germany

I'm believing in my thousand times more for this 2019. I believe God can move mountains thru me. I'm believing in my children, and my children, children will start going or coming back to church. I'm thanking you for sending me the reminder to join you and others this year. It's been 5 years fasting with you. I got my last book of fasting in 2012, but I'm using it for this year. Lord keep blessing this ministry and all who are fasting for 2019, all in the sweet smelling name of Jesus. Thanks again.

account_circle Dorothy Sande

I have never fasted as I really would want to. I trust God for a miracle as I stand in the gap for my family, business, work place and for God's favojr

account_circle Gabriel Mayorga

Amen I BELIEVE 1000 times more is coming this year for me and my family.

account_circle Sanelisiwe Ngonongono

Amen and Amen. This is my first time joining Kingdom Connection on the fast and looking forward to a 1000x 1000 fold of God's presence in our lives, families, finances and of those around us. Thank you Pastor Jentzen, may God bless you and your family.

account_circle Pat Yao

This is my second time participating with you. It has not been a great start as i have failed many times with my fasting diet... I am believing for peace, love, forgiveness for my family. We desperately need Jesus's help. We also need physical health for my dad, 2 of my sisters and spiritual health.God I am believing for a thousand times more love, blessings, 1000 more of you touching my family so that the saying "as for me and my family we shall serve the Lord" shall become a reality for us. Lord we need you my family desperately needs you,we need you a 1000 times more. Thank you all for your prayers; may you all be blessed. thank you pastor Jentzen may God bless you, your family and your ministry.

account_circle Julia Steuart

I am fasting with you and believing God for a thousand times more..... my third year with your church to fast, believing God to restore my adult children to come back to the Lord and raise my granddaughter Lily to live for Jesus❤️😍 Let is be of the same mind toward one another, obeying His command to love one another as we live for Him!!!♥️💕❤️🙏🏻 we are blessed to be a blessing😃

account_circle Mary Hayes


account_circle Coretta McWright

Praise God! This is our fourth year joining the 21 day fast. As Pastor set the vision for this year's fast as "1000x more", to be honest, it felt really BIG and seemed unattainable in my little life. That is until I read the message above and God said to me, "I've done it before...and I will do it again!" Instantly He reminded me of a project my husband and I did last year, a huge undertaking in real estate (for us). I tell you without God guiding us through and providing EVERYTHING we needed to finish, we would have given up! At the end, we listed the property and in one day we received an offer from a lady who would pay $1,000 more than our highest offer. I know it's not 1,000 TIMES more, but the message to me from God is HE IS ABLE! God can do exceedingly abundantly above ALL that we ask or think, according to the power that works in Him be the glory!

account_circle Mallika Shetty

Yes,m in with fasting,Lord Jesus you increase in us & as we decrease,bless us with 1000 fold in every way with the heavens best for the glory of Your name upon us.Amen

account_circle Negris Ambani Indasio

~ amen 🕊

account_circle Fifi Obas

Every year I participate in the 21 day fast. So I'm praying and believing with you for a 1000 times closer walk with God. I hope to seek him and his kingdom first in all things.

account_circle Mary Stewart

Thank you for the encouragement. Seems as if everything has tried to hinder me today. But God.

account_circle Slomica Naveed

Thank you pastor encourage us for 21-days fast. yes I am with you in this 21-days. God bless us a thousand times more.

account_circle Juliet Jose

I will join on Sunday did not know it started I need to humble myself 1000x more

account_circle Mary Hayes

Praying and touching in agreement for all of us on this fasting year! Praying and standing in faith 1000x more this year !! Amen

account_circle Mary Hayes

May the Lord, the God of your ancestors, increase you a thousand times and bless you as he has promised! - Deuteronomy 1:11 This coming year—2019—is going to be powerful. It’s going to be the year of a thousand times more. Wouldn’t you like to have a thousand times more of God’s presence in your life and in the lives of your children and grandchildren? How about a thousand times more of God’s favor in your church, your business, and your home? That’s what I’m believing for. And I’m believing it for your life. A thousand times more sounds pretty big, but our God is a big God. Amen this this my 2019 fasting and prayers for this coming 2019 Mom , brother, sisters , grands, nieces and nephews hubby , in-laws, my business and my church

account_circle Debra S Jackiewicz

Yes I purpose to commit humbly to enter in, in agreement w/you & participate expecting great breakthrough this year as never before in my life & my family & loved one’s. As I solemnly Affirm, Agree, & Declare it to be so. In Jesus’ Name Amen.

account_circle Kgomotso Mopalami

It is now about 5 years since I've joined this prayer army and God's deeds in my life have been amazing. Thank you Pastor Jentzen for being such a humble leader, may Abba Father increase 1000 times in your life & family and thousands of prayer warriors who are humbling themselves through this fasting and prayer. We believe God for thousands of souls to be saved. Kgomotso Mopalami-Gauteng, South Africa

account_circle Sandra Early

Amen and Amen!

account_circle Jean Jayasekera

I am participating in this year fasting, humbling before God for 1000 times more. Thank you pastor for the word of encouragement touched my heart deeply.

account_circle Lynn Wolfe

I started my fast earlier this year as I have things to do at the end of the month but I am also joining you in praying for a thousand fold. This is my 15th year of fasting with you. God is always good!

account_circle Donald and Susan LaPiere

I started 21 day normal water only fast' 010619 at 0000 hrs. It's going to be a challenge; but with devotional prayer and giving & all you out there and Jentezen"s short rally the fasting troops videos from Israel each day I hope and pray I reach my goal to draw closer to The LORD. God Bless, Don

account_circle Kaliti Bea

Thank you for the encouragement. I'm joining in tomorrow.A thousands times more Amen

account_circle Deta Miller

I have joined and look forward to a deeper walk with God that willbextend beyond the fast

account_circle Stacy-Ann Gobern-Smith

I was looking forward to begin this fast but got a bad flue. I am currently on antibiotics but as soon as I have completed these meds I will be joining. Please pray for me. I am believing for thousand times more!

account_circle Paula Collins

I join 21- fast with great anticipation of watching the Lord work in our(especially mine) lives. Thank you for the message of King Saul, and when God exalt us, we need to stay humble.

account_circle JOY STEWART

standing in faith, 1000x MORE!!!!!

account_circle Christopher Amenson

Just started this fast today and am prayerful that God changes me! Praise Him!

account_circle Margareth Larose

A thousand times more...In Jesus' Name

account_circle Gwendolyn Daley

Thank you yes I am with you in this 21 day.

account_circle Ifuela Esdsille

Lord bless me and my household a thousand times more

account_circle Ivonne Govea

Amen. I'm believing

account_circle Michel OBLE

Amen, I was connected to your fasting by God.. I'm from Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

account_circle Bukelwa Qwelane


account_circle BETTY MALULEKE

Good day How do I join the 21 days fast

account_circle Vanessa Anrhony

Lord, IIn the name of Jesus I humbly submit myself to You. I give you all that I am and all that I have. Increase my faith. Fill me with Your Spirit.