January 15, 2020

A Letter from Haiti

We hear from our missionaries in Haiti on a regular basis, but this letter reminded me how of just critical it is that we continue sending life-saving food into this shattered land. It is physically AND eternally saving lives. From malnourished children and struggling mothers, to powerful Voodoo spiritual leaders—none can deny the love of Jesus Christ!



Thank you with all our hearts for your faithful and sacrificial gift of sending 272,000 meals to Haiti each month. Haiti is in the worst condition it has been in since the earthquake. There is an ongoing attempt to overthrow the President, and the people in “high positions” here are bringing in guns and distributing them to gangs in the streets. No place is safe in Haiti at this moment, and we never know where the gangs are or when they will attack.


These problems have affected the price of diesel and gasoline, which has risen tremendously and the devaluation of the Haitian gourdes makes buying food a serious problem. The poor mothers are afraid to sell their goods in the streets because of the gangs, and the price of food, such as rice and beans, has doubled and tripled. We are seeing more and more malnourished children in our clinic every day.


The food you sponsor each month cannot be taken for granted. It is like gold! We just distributed food in a Voodoo village we have been working in. Everyone, even the witch doctor, came and shook our hands and thanked us for the food. It was some of the food that you sponsored. This food is the gateway to winning souls! This means that soon, when we go to this village to preach the Gospel, we have already laid the foundation in love, and God will have opened a huge door for us. It is the “goodness of God that leads thee to repentance” (Romans 2:4).


So, on behalf of the poor, whether it be mothers with starving children, or Voodoo people who can only see Jesus through us, and through this food, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Each box of food is a seed planted with love—God's love!


Thank you, with love from Haiti,

Bobby and Sherry



Each month Jentezen Franklin Media Ministries sends 272,000 meals to Haiti. Malnutrition is one of the leading causes of death in Haiti with roughly 1 in 14 infants never seeing their 1st birthday. While we have supported numerous additional projects in Haiti over the years, sending food each month is a commitment we’ve kept for over a decade—and with your support, we can continue for years to come. For just $120 YOU can send 3,240 meals



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