April 22, 2020

7-year-old Darrison has hope in Haiti

Each month Jentezen Franklin Media Ministries sends 272,000 meals to Haiti. Malnutrition is one of the leading causes of death in Haiti with roughly 1 in 14 infants never seeing their 1st birthday. While we have supported numerous additional projects in Haiti over the years, sending food each month is a commitment we’ve kept for over a decade—and with your support, we can continue for years to come.


Today, missionaries Bobby & Sherry, share with us a story of just one little boy whose life is literally being saved by the food you help us send each month.


Dear Pastor Jentezen,


Your sacrifice is especially appreciated at this time, because everyone is feeling the impact of the coronavirus. We know that every gift, every dollar is more of a sacrifice right now than ever before. Thank you!


As you know, in addition to the many villages we feed, we also give food to over 93 organizations that feed children here in Haiti as well. Some are orphanages, some are feeding programs in other areas, and others have different outreaches. One of these organizations has a malnutrition clinic.


One little boy who came to the malnutrition clinic is 7-year-old Darrison, pictured here. He, his mother, and his siblings live in a rock house with a dirt floor. His mother has to walk 45 minutes to the nearest source of water. His father died last year, leaving his mother to try to figure out how to feed her five children on her own. He was brought to this malnutrition clinic, sponsored with food donated by you, suffering from Kwashiorkor, which is severe malnutrition caused from a protein deficiency and characterized by fluid retention. He was so ill, they kept him at the clinic at the time.



Having food come to his mother on a regular basis has saved his life! You can see from the photos what a difference this life-saving food has made for little Darrison. Thank you for touching lives in so many ways!


Now, with the coronavirus, and the continued gang violence, it is more difficult than ever before for the Haitians. There is no government help whatsoever!


The Kingdom Connection Food Distribution Center is like a light in the middle of darkness. It is the ray of hope for all the children and families in this entire area. It stores all the food and medical supplies, disaster relief supplies and much more. 


Again, thank you for supplying 272,000 meals each and every month! We cannot thank you enough for this wonderful gift! God bless you for remembering the poor in the midst of this trouble. 


Thank you, may all of Psalms 41:1-3 come upon you, Pastor Franklin, and all of your Kingdom Connection Partners!


Bobby and Sherry


Just $10 will help send 270 meals to the Kingdom Connection Food Distribution Center in Haiti! Please consider making a difference today.