21 Day Fast 2020

Fasting Day 17

January 21, 2020


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account_circle mavis smallberg

I have been blessed by these devotions and prayers and encouragements every day of during these past 17 days. It has brought a new awareness of what we have in Christ and the wondrous goodness of Abba Father. Already two small miracles has occurred in my life; one last Sunday and one today. thank you for your tremendous role in this Jentezen Franklin. My the Lord continue to bless your ministry and you family. With much thanks and gratitude to you and praise to the Father in Jesus name, Mavis

account_circle Myriam Mampengu


account_circle Myriam Mampengu

Glory be to God, amen!

account_circle Margareth Larose

I needed to hear this for my father. Thank you! I will remember Heal, Raise them up or Heal, Take them home.

account_circle Harry and Cathy Williams

Amen Pastor Jentezen!

account_circle Ralph and Teresa Mabry

Thank You, Jesus!!!!Amen!

account_circle Gladys West