“The main enemy we face is the terrorist regime in Iran and its entrenchment in Syria and Lebanon."

March 30, 2023

The Lord continues to lead Jentezen Franklin Media Ministries to opportunities to bless, help, and bring practical comfort to precious Jewish people wherever they are under attack or in need. God has responded to our hearts to obey the exhortation of Isaiah 40:1 - to comfort God’s people, Israel - with numerous open doors to serve in both Israel and, most recently, in Ukraine. 
In Israel, He has recently pointed us to a new region in need. In Northern Israel, there is a constant threat of terrorism by Hezbollah as well as the potential for a major conflict with Iran. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been speaking about the heightened danger of conflict and the need to prepare for a potential conflict in the north with Iran-backed terrorist organizations, saying, “the main enemy we face is the terrorist regime in Iran and its entrenchment in Syria and Lebanon." 
This past week, as Pastor Jentezen Franklin was in Israel, terrorists from Lebanon infiltrated Israel and planted an explosive device by one of Northern Israel’s major highways. The device exploded, but by miracle, it missed a bus by a few seconds, and only one Israeli was seriously wounded by the blast. Tragically, the precious people in Upper Galilee and northern Golan Heights have no hospital or emergency center nearby. The injured and seriously ill have to drive a long distance through rough terrain or are transported by helicopter. In a strategic briefing to Pastor Franklin, Israeli Major General (res.) Eitan Dangot stressed the need for Israel to prepare emergency medical infrastructure in the region.”
That’s why our newest and possibly most critical project in Israel is the Northern Israel Emergency Center. Jentezen Franklin Media Ministries has pledged $3 million in faith towards the construction of this desperately needed facility. 
Together with the support of friends and partners like you, we are bringing hope and safety to Northern Israel!
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