Safe and calm amidst the chaos

May 12, 2021


Thank you for helping bring comfort to Israel. It is for such a time as this, that we are most grateful to have faithful friends and partners who hear God's call to "Comfort My People" and provide in the most real way possible. Here's a thank you from the community of Kibbutz Karem Shalom:


Dear Pastor Jensen (Jentezen),


We are writing to let you know how very important the bomb shelter you donated to our settlement is, especially in the recent days where it has safely kept our youth and given them a sense of safety and calm amidst all the chaos reigning outdoors.


Our Kibbutz is a hot spot for terrorism considering its location on the Gaza Strip-Israel-Egyptian border. We can sincerely say you have saved lives by affording us this bomb shelter and our residents praise your name daily in these uncertain times.


So thank you over and over again, for the care, security and safety you have offered by standing with us in our times of need.


Yours sincerely


Kibbutz Kerem Shalom Residents.