Red Alarms During Passover in Israel

April 6, 2023

Our ministry partners in Israel sent us an update on the recent attack on the Israel border. The recent escalation in Israel specifically targeted the very communities where you, our friends and partners of this ministry, helped us build fortified bomb shelters.

Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Israel. 


Eshkol experienced Shootings during the Passover Seder time. No casualties, they continued to celebrate.
During Passover - the Galilee was bombarded by terrorists -an hour ago Barrage of missiles towards the north from the direction of Lebanon: some of the launches were intercepted.
In the last hour, red alarms have been heard in the settlements of the Western Galilee • The IDF intercepted some of the rockets fired from the direction of Lebanon.
This Passover in the last 10 hours showed the great need for the protection of lifesaving projects of JFMM (the Northern Galilee Emergency Center, The southern border bomb shelters, fire stations, and Playschool.