Most escalations in Israel come and go; we hear very little here in America. But Israel has declared war; the news is everywhere you turn. We need to pray for the innocent children and civilians, both Israeli and Palestinian, who are suffering at the hands of this decades-long conflict. 


Today, the terrorist organization Hamas fired missiles and entered the nation of Israel. Our sources on the ground say terrorists are going house to house, shooting civilians, taking hostages, and burning down homes.  


This is the exact community in Israel we have partnered with near the Gaza Strip to help build the fortified Kingdom Playschool, four bomb shelters, a fire station, and fire trucks. We stand with Mayor Gaddi of Eshkol and all the children and families in harm’s way.  We pray for God’s hand of protection over them during this war and believe in a quick end to this senseless attack. 


Thank you to all who have partnered with us in Israel to bring comfort with grace.  Your generous donations have proven to be lifesaving. As I write this, the terrorists that infiltrated Eshkol are still shooting. It looks like the fighting will continue for a while. 


Our first objective, together with The Jewish National Fund, is to assist the devastated citizens of Eshkol during these very tough times. Together, we stand in solidarity with the people of Israel on this terrible day of terror and destruction.


Now more than ever, we must pray for our precious Jewish brothers and sisters. Long live Israel.


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