That hope is exactly what we want to give to the people of Israel. And while we work to foster hope, we work to comfort the people of Israel in the most practical way we can—by bulding fortified bomb shelters.


Edan Tal is one of many children living in the Eshkol Region in Israel, where the threat of rocket attacks and running for their lives is not a nightmare, but a reality. As witnessed by the most recent Israeli-Palestinian escalation, the most intense since 2014, the need for fortified buildings and bomb shelters is urgent and necessary.  


The communities, or kibbutz, there in Eshkol are the most vulnerable to the rockets and incindiary kites coming from Gaza because of their proximity to the border. The Eshkol Regional Trauma Center and Playschool is being constructed with this very type of escalation in mind. A place of solace and safety for children and the elderly alike to find some resemblance of normalcy during prolonged fighting, and daily security from the relentless attacks. 


The fortified bomb shelters we're building in the small communities throughout Eshkol provide that 15-second safehaven where children like Edan who are outside playing, can be close to safety and feel more freedom to live a "normal life." As Edan says, "you can't be really far from [the bomb shelters] otherwise it's really dangerous."


Thank you to our friends and partners who give and make critical projects like this possible. You can be a part, too. Learn more about what we're doing in Israel and Give Today to make a difference in the lives of children just like Edan. 




With your help, we’re constructing reinforced bomb shelters in the Eshkol region of Israel to help protect families with children and infants from the frequent rocket attacks launched by terrorist cells in the nearby Gaza Strip. It’s one of the greatest needs in those communities, and I believe, allows you and I to be a part of fulfilling biblical prophecy in the Holy Land.

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