January 18, 2024

Hizbollah Attack in Northern Galilee Claims Lives of Mother and Child

Barak and Mira were killed, while Eliyahu, Barak's father and Mira's husband, sustained injuries and is currently grappling with severe anxiety.
This devastating attack took place in Kfar Yuval, a small community only 3.5 Miles from the construction site of the JFMM Medical Emergency Hospital. The 74-year-old Eliyahu is now left to mourn the loss of his family while also coping with his physical and emotional injuries.
Amidst the escalating tensions in the Northern Galilee region, the JFMM Medical Emergency Center stands out as a beacon of resilience and dedication. The construction crews at this center are notably the only ones in Northern Galilee who continue their work despite the ongoing conflict and danger. Their commitment to the project underlines the urgency and importance of completing the medical facility, which is vital for saving lives in these increasingly tense times. The completion of the emergency center is not just a construction project but a crucial lifeline for the community in these challenging circumstances. JFMM and JNF will continue hospital construction amidst hostilities.