April 12, 2024

First Fortified Walls Rise in Israel's New Lifesaving JFMM Hospital Under Fire

As tensions escalate in the Galilee region due to ongoing attacks from Hezbollah terrorists and threats from the Iranian regime, resilience and determination underscore the efforts of JFMM and the Jewish National Fund (JNF) teams on the ground. This week marks a significant milestone in the ambitious project under the most challenging circumstances—the construction of Israel's Upper Galilee's most fortified lifesaving hospital. 



Amidst constant terrorist missile and rocket attacks, the first fortified walls of this critical infrastructure have been erected, showcasing a formidable response to both the physical and psychological warfare facing the nation.


The new hospital, aimed at providing advanced medical care and emergency services, is designed to withstand intense bombardments, ensuring the safety and continuity of healthcare services during times of conflict. This development is not just a testament to JFMM's commitment to protecting the Jewish people and Israeli citizens but also an architectural and engineering feat, given the ongoing hostilities.


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