November 13, 2023

Feeding the Hungry in Israel

We're grateful to share an important update from our ministry partners in Israel regarding the ongoing war with Hamas. Your unwavering dedication and support have been instrumental during these challenging times. Our partners in Israel report that, despite the difficulties, the people remain resilient. Their strength is an inspiration; your continued prayers and support mean the world to them.


"We are so grateful for you because you showed up in a time of need. From the very beginning, you were one of the first to help on the ground here in Israel. Thanks to your generosity, we're able to put together Grocery Boxes that feed a family of five for a week!


Thanks to you, we were able to not only help with short-term goals but also look toward answering long-term needs. This conflict has taken a very heavy toll, and we know we will need help as we rebuild homes and entire lives.


We were also deeply moved by your overwhelming response to the prayer campaign we launched to pray for the hostages held in Gaza by name. Your prayers have power, Jentezen! We believe these prayers will result in many of the hostages returning home safely. Please continue praying! 


Thank you for being who you are, Jentezen. You are shining the love of Yeshua in Israel during this dark hour."


Together, we stand in solidarity, hoping for a brighter, more peaceful future.


Thank you for your ongoing support and prayers!


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