“Thank you for being our Iron Dome” - A tour of the Eshkol Playschool in Israel


Two and a half years ago, the cornerstone was placed for something the Eshkol community could only dream of. Today, thanks to the commitment and generosity of our friends and partners, this extraordinary facility is a reality! So be sure to watch this tour! 
It’s hard to comprehend how essential The Eshkol Regional Trauma Center and Playschool is to this community. The children in this region, as you’ll hear in the video, have lived in an “emergency routine” for years. They’ve witnessed terrorist attacks and rocket fire day, after day, after day. This multi-functional, state-of-the-art facility serves as so much more than the fortified, secure building that it is. The Eshkol Playschool gives the children more than an escape from their everyday life; it gives them new life! It’s a place to learn, play, and grow for the entire community. It’s a safe haven for the old and young alike.
Thank you for helping make this a reality for our Jewish brothers and sisters who live in Eshkol, so close to the Gaza strip in Israel. In Michal’s words, “Thank you for being our Iron Dome.”




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