"Women and children abducted by terrorists..."

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The Eshkol community in Southern Israel has been heavily hit. Women and children were abducted by terrorists and taken to Gaza. Tragically, many women, children, and elderly Holocaust survivors have lost their lives, and fires have destroyed homes. Our friend Michal Uziyahu, a Jewish mother and friend, sent us this update today from the border where she lives.


Over the last five years, together, we have provided four fortified bomb shelters and a Kingdom Playschool for the children and families in this devastated community. Because of your generosity, we have also helped Eshkol with a community fire station and emergency equipment, which is active right now as the war continues.


While the conflict with Hamas has only just begun, we stand in solidarity with the people of Israel during these terrible days of senseless violence and unprovoked attacks. I am calling on Christians across the nation to stand with Israel and to pray for the families of those whose lives have been taken.


Thank you for your compassion and generosity. We are going to continue to support this community and do something extraordinary for them.


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