July 16, 2018

Christians Now Struggling to Find Places to Meet in Israel Because of Discrimination

It is becoming increasingly difficult for Christian congregations to find a place to meet in Israel. The level of discrimination against congregations who believe in Jesus has been growing. Real estate owners are becoming more and more resistant to Christian groups who need space. Our partners at the Celebration Center in Israel are striving to provide a meeting place for Christians who are being denied space elsewhere.


According to Pastor Chad Holland of the Celebration Center, “We are hosting more congregations than ever before, some of them not paying rent. We do this to help the whole body.”


This help is greatly needed, but it also greatly increases the operating cost at the Celebration Center. Your support of the Celebration Center makes it possible for Christians in Israel to have a place to gather together and worship Jesus. You are part of spreading the message of the Messiah throughout Israel. 


Pastor Holland expressed appreciation for your support: “We are so grateful for the amazing partnership we have with Free Chapel and Jentezen Franklin Ministries.” 


Most importantly, God notices your generosity. He sees your compassion for brothers and sisters in the Lord who are determined to serve Him even in an unfriendly environment. Together, we can help spread the name of Jesus throughout Israel, and to every part of the world.


Thank you so much for your generous heart!