April 13, 2021

Building Bomb Shelters in the Israeli Community Closest to the Gaza Strip

Kerem Shalom, where the borders of Israel, Egypt and the Gaza Strip meet, is the Israeli community closest to the Gaza Strip.  The community of Kerem Shalom is prone to terrorism because it's in such volatile territory. The citizens of Kerem Shalom are constantly under threat and attacked by rockets, incendiary balloons, and even terrorist infiltrations by underground tunnels from the Gaza Strip. These attacks come not just from Hamas, the ruling terrorist organization, but also Islamic Jihad in Gaza and ISIS in the Sinai Peninsula.


As Hamas continues to import military equipment and materials, and conducts smuggling operations into the Gaza Strip via Israel and Egypt, since the end of 2017, dozens of tunnels have been found by the Israel Defense Forces, including tunnels under and close by Kerem Shalom.


In order to help the citizens of Kerem Shalom, who are not just under threat of terrorism but face the trauma of being under attack, Jentezen Franklin Media Ministries and the Jewish National Fund are, together, installing bomb shelters in the region, including in Kerem Shalom. As thousands of rockets have been fired at Kerem Shalom over the years, these bomb shelters will protect children, families, grandparents, and more who only have up to 15 seconds to run for their lives when being bombarded by rockets coming from the Gaza Strip.


bomb shelter under construction in Israel

bomb shelter under construction in Israel

bomb shelter under construction in Israel

Bomb shelter under construction in Kerem Shalom


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Thousands of missiles a year, sometimes hundreds per day, are fired into Israel. The Eshkol Regional Council lies in southern Israel, bordering the infamous Gaza strip. When the sirens sound, whether you’re a 97-year-old Holocaust survivor, or a 3-month-old infant, you have 15 seconds to make it into a bomb shelter before an explosion. Fortified bomb shelters in Eshkol Region provide more than physical safety; they offer peace of mind, hope for a better tomorrow, and a constant reminder to our Jewish brothers and sisters that "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble" (Ps. 46:1). 


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