August 14, 2018

Body of Messianic Believers Continuing to Grow in Jerusalem—More Space Needed

The Celebration Center in Jerusalem is a very busy building. Thirteen congregations speaking six different languages use it for their worship facility, many of them free of charge. 


But the need for additional space to worship is growing. Discrimination against Messianic Believers, noise restrictions, usage regulations, and parking issues make it very difficult for congregations to find a place to meet.


According to Pastor Chad Holland, “While we are already blessed to be able to help some, we feel the Lord has more for us to do. We desire to see a new situation, where ministries and congregations from different backgrounds can meet together daily, if they wish, for worship and prayer—freely proclaiming the Word of God in Jerusalem.”


Your generous support of the Celebration Center has been an essential part of spreading the Gospel in Jerusalem and throughout Israel. Right now, they need your support in prayer. Would you please agree in prayer for a new season of freedom in Jerusalem? Would you believe with Pastor Holland for financial breakthroughs to meet the need for additional worship space?


God promises prosperity to those who love Jerusalem. As you support the ministry in Jerusalem, God sees your heart and will bless you with prosperity and peace.