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With Jentezen & Cherise Franklin May 24 - June 02, 2021

Hope is not enough. We must act.

You can be a part of an incredible miracle today by joining hands with Jentezen Franklin as we build a house for AT RISK young women on the New Beginnings Campus.

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Suicide Among Teen Girls at a 40-yr High

Teenage girls are at a higher risk of drug and alcohol addiction than ever before. Research tells us these young girls are more vulnerable to substance abuse and sink into addiction faster than boys. Time Magazine reported suicide among teen girls hit a 40-yr high, and substance abuse increases this risk.

Young girls are among the fastest growing segment plagued by alcohol & drug addiction in the U.S., largely because of the increased pressure on girls from society. 50% of 9-year old females and 80% of 10-11 year old females feel self-conscious and are on some type of diet. 1 out of 10 8th grade girls smokes daily.

Sadly, prevention and treatment programs are largely tailored for males and do not address the unique risks and issues women face with substance abuse. A program specifically designed for them could reduce the number of addicted adult women by 25%! The system is failing our daughters—but we can help!

Building a Future

With your help, we can build a brand new dormitory at New Beginnings specifically designed to house young girls between the ages of 12-17. There are already teenagers at New Beginnings who began drug use as young as 6 years old! We urgently need to make room for these children so that we can intervene and stop the cycle of use before it’s too late. New Beginnings is known as a refuge for women who need a second chance … these young girls deserve a first chance!

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Building a Future Building a Future
Building a Future Building a Future

Give a Child a Chance

With your help, children like Nikki can find hope now and experience the childhood they deserve. New Beginnings is the bridge they need from the darkness of addiction to the refuge of recovery.

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