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Helping Homeless Holocaust Survivors in Christian Love

Today there are nearly 190,000 Holocaust Survivors still alive in Israel.  And more than 50,000 of them live in poverty … many are even homeless. We have an opportunity to care for these elderly people who have already endured more than you and I could ever imagine. We can give them a home.

Learn how the miracle begins.

There are thousands of Holocaust survivors in Israel living in deep poverty—some with no safe place to live. We are joining hands with the Friends of Zion to purchase two properties that will provide safe homes for some of these Holocaust survivors. Your gift today is a witness of Christian love to these people and to the nation of Israel, as well as an evidence of your love for our Lord.

Join me today with your best gift of support to help build two facilities in Israel that will house these precious children of God in their old age.

Help House Holocaust Survivors.


Every gift helps homeless Holocaust Survivors.