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Unleash the power of supernatural love and forgiveness!

How do you love like Jesus loved when you’ve been hurt, humiliated, or offended? How can you forgive when the wound is deep? What does it mean to love like you’ve never been hurt?

In this two-part series, Pastor Franklin answers these questions, and shares essential keys to unlocking the power of forgiveness, commitment, and persevering love . . . keys to restarting your heart. These inspiring messages will give you a greater understanding of God’s never-failing love, and show you how the same never-failing love can permeate your heart and life.

“You’ve got to love like you’ve never been hurt; that’s the bottom line. When it’s all said and done, it’s going to come down to that!” −Pastor Jentezen Franklin

This 2-CD series is an excellent companion to Jentezen Franklin's book Love Like You've Never Been Hurt.

This set includes the following messages:

Love Never Fails

Overcoming Offense