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In this message by Jentezen Franklin, he dives deep into the Word to show how we can be used by God. He shares how we can be a “potter” to help mold the next generation that desperately needs mentors and encouragers who speak to the greatness in them.

The up-and-coming generation of leaders needs to see how we will not compromise our values based on what the world considers “normal” but rather how we continue to live by the standards of the Bible. The next generation must be taught how to be worshippers, church lovers, and men and women of character. He also shares some of his own stories of how wise mentors helped him arrive at his calling.

We may have wonderful Christian families and beautiful marriages, but we must maintain them. Just like a shipbuilder caulks a leak, we have to look for things that seep into our lives that don’t belong there. We may need to self-examine our lifestyle and “caulk” those areas to protect our Christian walk. We must examine what’s entering our lives through TV, music, the internet, and even our relationships. We have to stay alert and vigilant. Pastor Franklin offers some very helpful tools that will “keep your ship from sinking.”