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Waves of blessing are coming your way this year. In this encouraging message, Jentezen Franklin shares the different ways that God provides for you. In your life, you will see provision through the hand of man and the hand of God. But another way God provides blessing and provision is by your own hand. Joshua 5 tells us that the manna ceased when the Israelites crossed the Jordan. The hand of God had provided food for the Israelites for 40 years, but God wanted to move them into a new season.

God doesn’t want you waiting for miracles all of the time. He doesn’t like you to be constantly calling out to Him with emergency needs. God will give you miracles, but He doesn’t want you to live in that state all of your life. God has a greater plan for you than just scraping by. He desires to take you to another level.

Each one of you is gifted at something. Use the gifts God has given you to be prosperous and blessed. When you partner with Him and step out in faith, He will bless the work of your hands. Pray this prayer today: “God, please anoint the work of my hands. Whatever my hand touches, let it increase, multiply, and be highly fruitful as I do it all for your glory. Amen.”