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Recorded live at our 2011 FORWARD conference, Israel Houghton and an anointed group of singers and musicians lead over 12,000 voices into a time of powerful, intimate worship unto the Lord of LORDS. Also included is a special recording by Jentezen Franklin. This is a CD you will definitely want to add to your worship music collection!
'This is the type of worship that comes from a church that fasts and prays.
I believe ECHO will help usher you into intimate times of
worship in the presence of God.'
-Jentezen Franklin
Songs include:
1.    Echo
2.    All Things New
3.    Rez Power - featuring Israel Houghton  Joth Hunt
4.    Your Presence is Heaven
5.    Speechless
6.    Exodus 32:32 / Amazing Grace - featuring Jentezen Franklin
7.    No Thing!
8.    Graffiti Skies
9.    Made
10.   There's Something About That Name - featuring Israel Houghton
11.   Jesus At The Center - featuring Israel Houghton
12.   Kingdom

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