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And Then We Were One book + Seven Weeks to a New Marriage, a companion guide to the book.

New York Times bestselling author Jentezen Franklin breaks it down the way only he can in a very practical, humorous, and relevant way. With 3 decades of marriage to wife Cherise, his collection of experiences and real-life stories combined with practical counsel makes for a powerful first-hand look at all that is possible in every relationship.

You will discover real solutions for real marriages in an age that is constantly telling you to give up when the going gets tough. Learn to identify the warning signs and traps of the enemy, while being equipped with practical ways to overcome marriage killers. Discover the unique, God-designed roles men and women have in marriage and how He created them to be different, but better together!

Live out the life you imagined and so much more as you learn to navigate your most intimate relationship. Whether you’re preparing for your future or mending your past, And Then We Were One invites you to rediscover your first love as you encounter Christ chapter by chapter.