New Beginnings

Everyone deserves a second chance.

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10 million Americans ages 12 to 29 are in need of substance abuse treatment.

The CDC reported over a 10 year period, prescription drug-related overdoses among women skyrocketed by 400 percent. New Beginnings is about more than treating addictions, it's about stopping the trend. When women have a safe a place to heal and grow, not only do they get the second chance they deserve but their sons & daughters get a new beginning, too, but their sons & daughters get a new beginning, to, stopping the cycle before it ends.


Women's Dorm

The S.M.I.L.E dorm was established specifically for women with children. A key to success in the healing process for mothers is being united with their children in a safe, structured environment.


With a 94% success rate, stories of hope and healing pour from New Beginnings. These testimonies are a reminder of the remarkable difference this outreach is making in the lives of our mothers and daughters.

Teen Dorm

Time Magazine reported suicide among teen girls hit a 40-yr high, and substance abuse increases this risk. Young girls are among the fastest growing segment plagued by alcohol & drug addiction in the U.S.

You will no longer live in shame. There is no more disgrace for you.

Research shows, recovery programs specifically designed for women could reduce the number of addicted adult females by 25%! New Beginnings offers a safe, structured environment to overcome addictions, build self-esteem and plan for the future. Isaiah 54:4 says it best, there's no more shame or disgrace, just a new beginning! By taking into account the whole woman, her needs for education, job training, financial responsibility, child care, transportation and so much more, this is where second chances create new lives!

Meet Nikki

Rescued from a life of sex, drugs, and violence at just 14 years old, Nikki got a chance to be a kid again.

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Meet Carly

“Addiction had me by the soul. Looking back on how my life used to be is really a big difference from how it is now. Before, I remember being in my addiction and just being dead inside. But to look at who I am now…God has put so much love in my heart for other people.”

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Meet Kristy

I couldn't even speak to my daughter when I showed up at New Beginnings. I knew if I was ever going to be a mother to her, I had to get help before it was too late.

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New Beginnings

Because everyone deserves a new beginning.