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The need for comfort and support has never been more urgent.

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The brutal attack on Eshkol in Southern Israel on October 7 was one of the worst massacres against the Jewish people in history.

In the Southern border region of Israel next to Gaza, Eshkol bore witness to a series of brutal murders that sent shockwaves through the world.

As the quiet morning of a peaceful community turned into a nightmare, the inhabitants faced an onslaught of terror that left them reeling.

 As the morning progressed, gunshots echoed throughout Eshkol. They signaled the arrival of heavily armed terrorists on motorcycles and vans equipped with heavy machine guns.

Their rampage was merciless, leaving death and destruction in their wake, targeting innocent civilians. They killed indiscriminately, murdering children, women, and men without hesitation.

The conflict with Gaza has only just begun, and it will be a long and challenging process. There is an urgent need for resources, particularly for psychological treatments to the families and children who have suffered horrific atrocities at the hands of Hamas terrorists. A future Eshkol Resilience Center will help ensure these precious Jewish families get the healing they so desperately need.

Together we are providing much needed emergency supplies to the Southern Israel communities. Your support will let these precious Jewish survivors know we are standing with them and provide comfort with grace.


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