Haiti Food Distribution

A Decade of Service in Haiti


Food Insecurity

Children gather wild leaves, and water from the river to boil with a little salt just to fill their bellies with warmth.


Mothers tell their children to sleep on their stomachs so they won't feel the pain of starving.


Haitians mix buckets of water with thick clay to make mud cookies just to stave away their hunger.

272,000 Nutritious Meals Each Month!

We're fighting hunger with hope and the comfort of a warm meal. Each month Jentezen Franklin Media Ministries sends 272,000 meals to Haiti. Malnutrition is one of the leading causes of death in Haiti with roughly 1 in 14 infants never seeing their 1st birthday. While we have supported numerous additional projects in Haiti over the years, sending food each month is a commitment we’ve kept for over a decade—and with your support, we can continue for years to come.

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