Dream Center

A chance to survive, is a chance to thrive.


66,433 Homeless People Live in Los Angeles County

More homeless veterans are in Los Angeles than anywhere in the US. And the number of homeless 18-24 year olds in LA increased 19% in 2020. In Genesis, an angel of the Lord asked the runaway Hagar "where have you come from, and where are you going?” God cares about the past and the future of the lost, forgotten and abused. He knows where they've been, and where they will go. Hagar called the Lord's name "He sees me." When we partner with the Dream Center, we remind people they are not forgotten. God sees them, we see them, and we can help them reach their future!


Foster Youth

20% of children aging out of foster care become homeless within 2 years, and 1 in 3 end up in prison within 18 months. In 2014, we helped the Dream Center open a 60-bed transitional program to give these kids the chance they deserve.

Freedom House

1 in 5 female Veterans suffer from military sexual trauma, and many are left to cope on their own with the wounds they carry. The Women’s Veterans’ Home creates a refuge of safety, recovery, and hope for these brave women.


10 million Americans experience domestic violence each year, and 21 million have an addiction. Life-controlling issues can be impossible to escape on your own. The discipleship recovery program is a safe place to start over; a hiding place to heal.

A Future for the Forgotten

Veterans. Foster children. Human trafficking victims. Abused & abandoned. The Dream Center is a place where the forgotten can find hope for the future. Your monthly donation of $25 or more can help provide housing, food, educational opportunities, addiction recovery, and so much more for these desperate souls who have nowhere else to turn. Most importantly—you'll help share with them the message of Jesus Christ!

Meet Penny

After bouncing between VA facilities, rehabs, and the backseat of her car, Penny found more than a home. She found what she calls a safe haven, serenity, heaven on earth!

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Meet Joseph

Joseph can focus on school instead of finding a place to sleep. And he looks forward to being a business owner and foster parent, so he can help other kids beat the odds.

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Meet Sarah

"The Transitions Program has provided me with a safe place to grow while I build positive habits, remain sober, and receive emotional support and encouragement."

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Dream Center

A Future for the Forgotten