February 28, 2019

Pastor Jentezen Franklin Calls for Americans to Pray for Honorable Leaders and Spiritual Revival in Venezuela

GAINESVILLE, Ga. —​ In response to the oppression of the Maduro regime in Venezuela and the resulting hunger and violence the population has endured, Jentezen Franklin issues the following statement:

“Right now the people of Venezuela desperately need help and desperately need change. The oppressive socialist dictatorship they have endured is a reminder to the rest of the world how critical it is to live in a land that promises liberty and justice for all.

I am praying for their survival and a solution to their physical needs. Yet I am also praying for a spiritual revival to spring up from the ashes of the crisis that has unfolded. Where man has failed them, I pray the Venezuelan people will lift their eyes toward heaven and lean on the all-powerful and all-loving God that sees every tear that falls. May they find hope and restoration in the Gospel of Christ.

I pray right now that God would hear their cries and bring them leaders that are honorable and seek to do right in God’s eyes. I hope every single American will join me in prayer on behalf of Venezuela in this moment of crisis.