January 30, 2019

Pastor Jentezen Franklin Responds to Virginia Governor’s Comments Condoning Infanticide: ‘The Most Horrifying Statement I’ve Ever Heard from a Politician in My Lifetime’

GAINESVILLE, Ga.  —  Pastor Jentezen Franklin issues the following statement responding to Governor Ralph Northam’s support for leaving an infant to die after birth:

“Like most Americans would be, I was absolutely appalled upon hearing Virginia Governor Ralph Northam allude to the idea that an infant could be left to die as a potential policy in his state. What he said is the most horrifying statement I’ve ever heard from a politician in my lifetime. The radical left has been using euphemisms to sugarcoat abortion and all that it entails for decades now, but they cannot escape what Governor Northam said with any sort of finely crafted medical explanation. He is clearly describing infanticide.

I never thought I’d see the day when anyone, Republican or Democrat, would ever suggest anything remotely close to what he has outlined. Children are a precious gift from our Creator. Why some folks suggest that we need more ways to eliminate them is beyond my comprehension. May God protect us from any further steps down this barbaric and evil path that abortion supporters continue to advocate for in this country.”