Food, clean water, and shelter are needed fast!

Officials say more than 7,000 homes were destroyed and nearly 5,000 more damaged. 30,000 families are newly homeless where the majority of the people were already jobless, and the country’s 700+ orphanages were already full.

Just one month ago Haiti’s president was assassinated, leaving gang violence and political unrest at its height. Many roadways are impassable from mudslides and gang control, making it even harder to reach severely hit areas.

Tropical Storm Grace swept the region on Monday bringing a halt to much of the rescue & relief work. Nine earthquakes registering 4.5 magnitude or higher have shook the country since the largest one centered in Nippes, Haiti hit on Saturday.

Haiti Devastated ... Again

Haiti has struggled to recover from the annihilating earthquake of 2010 that hit their capital city and claimed an estimated 200,000 lives. In 2016 Hurricane Matthew ravaged the region wiping out homes and what little food they’re able to grow. Between hurricanes and tropical storms they’ve experienced insufferable droughts in recent years. We’ve been there through every disaster for over a decade, and thanks to you, we’re there now! Let’s be there when it counts most. Help us send relief to restock the urgently needed food.

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Haiti Devastated ... Again Haiti Devastated ... Again
Haiti Devastated ... Again Haiti Devastated ... Again

"God loves Haiti, and so do we."

The Haitian people are joyful in spirit even when times get very hard. Having been there several times, my heart is heavy for them today. -Jentezen Franklin

You Can Help Save Lives in Haiti


Over the weekend Bobby & Sherry's teams were primarily in Jeremie and Lasile distributing to some of the most rural, difficult to reach, and hardest hit areas. Over 250 pastors met them to take food back to their villages. Just getting the food to them was a miracle in itself, because food pirates have been reported storming ships and taking food. Bobby says, "You must realize that these people are hungry and they have children who are hungry! Hungry people will do anything to get food!”

Since 2009 JFMM has sent monthly support to Haiti, but we're going above and beyond to send additional resources during this crisis. Can you help with an emergency gift of support?