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Experience the power and blessing of seeking God first! What God has next will undoubtedly be greater than we can imagine, and we believe this is our moment to seek Him wholeheartedly. Join with us on this year's fast by filling out the form below and download your free 21-day devotional.

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It's so important that we make God a priority and put Him first in our lives. One way to set the course of  your year is through fasting and prayer.

I want to invite you fill out the form below and join me in prayer and fasting. If you have never fasted before, I'll be your fasting coach. Near the bottom of this page you will also find we have created free fasting resources to encourage you on your journey. I believe it will not only help prepare you, but it'll encourage you as you seek God first with all of your heart.

We're hearing a lot about fasting, even in the secular world, about how healthy it is. But we've been teaching fasting for almost 30 years and I want to encourage you to really get the spiritual benefits of fasting.

I believe as you join Cherise and me and thousands of people from around the globe, you will experience a greater sensitivity to God's voice.  And I believe revelation, vision and breathrough are yours in Jesus name!


Jentezen & Cherise

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"But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you." Matthew 6:33