January 19, 2015

Two steps to being filled with fresh anointing.

You can’t do God’s will without God’s anointing. When you try to accomplish God’s plan for your life through your own strength and power, it’s like trying to chop down a huge oak tree with a dull ax – most likely, you’ll do more harm than good. Before you start chopping down the tree, you need to stop and sharpen your ax. Fasting is like sharpening your ax. It gives you back your sharp edge by filling you with fresh anointing. What do you need to do to make sure your fasting leads to a refilling of God’s anointing?

  1. Fast with a purpose. It’s important to have a focus during your fast. Deep in your heart, determine the reason you’re fasting. What area in your life needs increase and fresh anointing? Is it your family or your finances? Is it your health? Is it your relationship with God? Is it your ministry or your business? Define your reason and write it down. Every time you fast and pray, remember to pray about your purpose. Ask God to give you fresh anointing in the specific areas you are focusing on during your fast. Remember that you’re not fasting to lose weight or because it’s January or because everybody else is doing it – you’re fasting to receive the power of God’s anointing in your life.
  2. Exercise your will in order to access supernatural power. There are two powers at work when you fast: your own will and the supernatural power of God. When you fast, you exercise your own will by choosing to do without food in order to put your body and spirit under submission to God. As a result, the supernatural power of God flows into your life and your situation and fills you with His anointing.
    The supernatural anointing of God is not for thrills – it’s for battle. When you are in a battle, you fight to win. The anointing that comes from fasting gives you fresh strength to fight for your family, for your kids, for your marriage, and to win! Anointing gives you the ability to hear God’s guidance and move in the direction He wants for you. God’s anointing enables you to accomplish things that you could never accomplish on your own. And fasting puts you in position to receive that anointing.

Whether you’re excited about a new phase of your life or battle-weary from the same old problems, you need fresh anointing. If you’re a new Christian or if you’ve been serving God for decades, you need fresh anointing. Don’t try to accomplish God’s plan under your own power. To live out God’s amazing plan for your life, you need God’s supernatural anointing.