March 14, 2012


Miracle after Miracle

I am so excited about what the Lord is doing in our lives I just had to share it! My husband and I felt the Lord lead us to do the 21-day Daniel fast along with your church—and let me tell you, it has been miracle after miracle.

After 48 years of smoking cigarettes, my mother quit! Then, my brother called and has decided to give church another try after 30 years! My husband and I heard the call of God to begin a ministry for troubled young girls. Friends of ours who were going to divorce are trying to work things out…and the list continues to include deliverance from an eating disorder, deliverance from shame and guilt due to childhood “issues”, healing of a colon and digestive system just to name a few!

God is so good! Seek God earnestly and watch what happens. Thank you again for your messages that speak to our hearts!