March 21, 2012


In January my husband and I decided to join Free Chapel Church on the 21-day fast. We started our fast on January 7 and ended January 28. This was a truly amazing experience for us as we have never undertaken fasting over such a long period.

In February, my husband and I went to the South Island of New Zealand to celebrate our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. We arranged for a hired car during our holiday, but to our surprise a couple from our friend’s church let us use their brand new four-wheel-drive for our two-week holiday.

During that time the elderly couple that lived across the road from us were moving into a retirement village, so they sold their car to our son for just $1000. This helped us considerably since my son previously used my car for college.

Within a week of returning from our holiday, my husband’s work bought him a new All Wheel Drive vehicle.

In March, our twenty-four-year old daughter Vanelle was appointed to a management accountant position at a large Christian establishment on the Gold Coast. She had been interviewed for this particular job nine months ago and was told at that stage she was too young for the position. This second time around she was hired on the spot and with a grand increase in salary.

In April, our son, who is currently studying Quantity Surveying and Building Management, was working part-time for a building company. The company offered him a full cadetship with a good salary and is also paying for his study time as well.

In May, I was invited to open an orphanage in Hyderabad, India. We have been working on this project since November 2005. The first stage of the orphanage was completed and is now home to forty-seven children.

I truly can testify that the fast has changed a whole lot in our lives!