March 28, 2012


I just had to let you know how God blessed our family as a result of the 21-day Daniel fast we participated in with Free Chapel. A season of difficult circumstances left us paying seven different medical bills a month, not to mention credit card bills, car and house payments. My husband sometimes works 60 hours a week and because he is salaried, doesn’t receive overtime pay. When it looked like he was being overlooked for a raise, he considered leaving, but God prevented him from doing anything at that time.

Soon after, my husband was called in for an employee review, which he hadn’t had in four years. His boss told him that he was amazed at how much he was able to accomplish and that his work had been wonderful. His boss then handed him his bonus check and told him he’d see a raise on his check that week.

Praise God! We have always prayed that God would allow us to be debt free when He sets us out into full-time ministry. As a result of this fast, we are encouraged to believe this will happen! We are so excited and so blessed by what He has done. Thank you for being obedient to call the fast…I honestly believe that if we hadn’t been obedient to follow it, God would not have moved like He did!