April 4, 2012

Great Physician

Last year, I began the 21-day fast with Free Chapel, believing God for my wife’s healing. She had been diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma cancer two yeas prior, an “incurable” cancer which prevents the body from making red blood cells. Her red blood counts were low and there were no iron stores in her bone marrow. Although I have previously fasted for periods of 24 hours, I have never fasted for an extended period of time. We attended the Healing Service and were overcome by the presence of the Holy Spirit.

The following August, my wife’s oncologist recommended another bone marrow biopsy. Though her blood tests showed signs of a more aggressive cancer, we continued to pray, knowing that God has the power to heal in the blink of an eye. Later that month we went back to the oncologist’s office for the results of the biopsy. The doctor had great news—there was no evidence of any cancer! Immediately, my wife and I said “Thank you Jesus!” Not only was the “incurable” cancer gone, but there were also iron stores in her bone marrow. God is the Great Physician who has blessed us.

We wanted to share this testimony with you because we firmly believe that the 21-day fast, the laying of hands and prayers were integral parts of my wife’s miracle. I never thought I would be saying this, but I can’t wait until the fast this January!