January 14, 2014


I have fasted three times in my life. Since after the earthquake a few years ago in Haiti, I have made three trips over to serve in the Haitian orphanages providing medical evaluation and treatment to these sweet children. For each trip, I fasted the three days prior to leaving. I only had water as in my heart I believe “water is life”. My fast was multi purposed… 1-I wanted to prepare my body for the possibility that I would not have meals like the ones I was used to at home. 2- I wanted to prepare my soul for I felt like it was a cleansing of my sin as I cleansed my body of food and the distraction of filling myself with things other than the Holy Spirit. 3- I had a strange sense of guilt over my life in general as I have so much and take so much for granted. I stayed in a constant state of prayer over the three days (even at work in a busy emergency room) and strangely my focus was not on what I was missing, but on my heart, my purpose in life, my sacrifices, my gifts. I felt so peaceful about the whole experience. When I arrive in Haiti my body was cleansed, my soul was prepared, and my heart was open and ripe.