April 18, 2012


For about 9 months I had severe pain in my abdomen, with vomiting. My husband finally talked me into seeing a doctor. I had a CT scan that showed ruptured ovarian cysts. It also showed that I had four more on one ovary and five on the other. They did a D&C to remove the particle that had ruptured and sent me to my GYN for an ultrasound.

About ten days later when my GYN reviewed the CT scan, he scheduled surgery to remove the cysts and possibly a hysterectomy—before he ever did the ultrasound. Thankfully, my GYN is a God-fearing man who knows the healing power of our Lord Jesus Christ. So as he did the ultrasound, he asked me if I saw anything unusual. I only saw gray areas. Then he informed me that was because there was nothing on my ovaries—the cysts were gone! We immediately started to praise the Lord for the healing and removing of the cysts.

It was during that ten-day waiting period between the CT scan and the ultrasound that my husband began to fast and pray. We stood in agreement for my healing. I contacted all the prayer warriors that are in my life—and the heavens starting opening up. I knew that my purpose had not been completed on this earth and that God still had lots of plans for me. I am healed and have never felt better. Ready to get back into serving my Lord and His Kingdom. I give all the Glory and Praise to God—He is Awesome.