January 15, 2015

Do you need divine connections in your life? Start stacking up prayers!

Acts chapter 10 changed history. Before the events in that chapter, the good news had only been given to the Jewish people. But everything changed when Cornelius and Peter made a divine connection through prayer.

Cornelius was a devout Italian man who loved God. He was a Gentile, but he and his household believed in God and wanted to know Him. At the end of four days of prayer (and perhaps even fasting), an angel of the Lord appeared to Cornelius and told him to send for a man named Peter who was staying in Joppa, about 30 miles away. Cornelius sent servants on the journey to find Peter.

The next day, Peter was on the rooftop in Joppa thinking about lunch, when God gave him a vision about food. God used food to show Peter that the good news wasn’t just for the Jewish people, but for everyone. Just as Peter was receiving the vision from God, Cornelius’ servants arrived.

Two men, miles apart, became divinely connected through prayer. One man was seeking; one man had the answer. Both men were praying, and a connection was made. Before they ever met physically, their prayers met in heaven. Prayer is so powerful! Cornelius had stored up prayer in heaven and when Peter went up on the roof to pray at lunchtime, God made the prayer connection, opening the door of salvation to the Gentiles.

Notice that Cornelius had been praying for a while before he received his divine connection. Those prayers had been heard by God and were stacking up in heaven. There is no expiration date on prayer. When you pray in alignment with God’s will, He always hears. You can rest assured that you have set something in motion in the supernatural even if you are not yet able to see them in the natural. If you don’t see the answer right away, keep praying! Don’t let go of your faith or your confidence in God. Your prayers will never be ignored or discarded. They will stack up in heaven until the time is right and God WILL send the answer.

God has divine kingdom connections for you! When you pray, your prayers plug into God’s plans, resources and power in heaven. God is constantly setting up connections all over the world – things we know nothing about. And by fasting and praying we become part of these divinely orchestrated connections. Remember these words from James 5:16 (TLB): “…The earnest prayer of a righteous man has great power and wonderful results.” Increase comes from prayer. Keep stacking up prayers. God hears, and you will see wonderful results!