October 9, 2013


My daughter Miley Grace, 5, was born with down syndrome. She was also born with 2 large holes in her heart that if not closed by the age of 2 would need open heart surgery when she was 5. Every year the holes remained. This year my husband and I went on the 21-day fast with the church, praying and believing for a miraculous healing! When we went the first week in April 2013 for her pre-op appointment, the doctor came in and said something was different with her EKG. He sent us back for another echocardiogram. When he came back in he said he didn’t understand how it happened but her holes were gone. Praise Jesus for his healing powers are still all around us today! My daughter is now a walking miracle! I thank him each and every day for blessing us with such an amazing little girl! I just wanted to share this to show there is power in prayer, there is power in fasting and God is still here with us performing miracles!