April 25, 2014

I have a fasting story. About 3 years ago, I began my first fast with your congregation. About a week afterwards, my sister was severely hit by a car while going to the store. When, I first saw her in the hospital, I did not recognize her. I thought that I was in the wrong room. Her head was partly shaved and massively swollen, she had a tube in her head as big as a pipe,( to keep the swelling down,)her face was fractured in about 15 places, her arm was broken and her eye was gone. Apparently, the vehicle tossed her up in the air and she landed back on the cold hard pavement.

Needless to say, I was devastated. I went home to make funeral arrangements. I was extremely distraught, but the Lord sent the head Doctor to me and he stated, “She is very sick but we believe in miracles.”

To make a long story short, she is alive, well and thriving. She is living in Florida with her daughter. It was indeed a miracle! I an now waiting with expectation for another miracle regarding my children. “THEY SHALL COME TO THEMSELVES!” “THEY SHALL LIVE AND NOT DIE AND DECLARE THE WORKS OF THE LORD!” I am attributing all and giving praise, honor and glory to my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Ghost.

I thank God for this ministry and your corporate Fasting tradition. I also thank God for you, Mr. Franklin, a yielded vessel fit for the Master’s use. This ministry is the real thing; it is powerful, and prayers are answered!

Continue to bless the lives of others while God perform “exceedingly great and precious promises in your own lives.”

In Christ,

Mary A. Barnes