January 4, 2014

Krystal & Rashad

Fasting does change history! Our 16 year old had 55 different food allergies. We have been fasting and praying since 2009 when we first read the fasting book. January of last year on a fast she went into anaphylactic shock. They admitted her to a 2-week program at the hospital where they did many tests. While fasting I asked the Holy Spirit, “How long do I fast?” – He said until your spirit is satisfied. So I pressed 40 days into a Daniel fast for our daughter.

And the Holy Spirit whispered, “Remember Luke 22 – why are you drowning in sorrow get up and pray.” I prayed myself to sleep. The next morning the doctor came in and said all tests that were positive were now negative. Everything was clear. Wheat, soy, corn, peanuts, chicken, beef, etc. – were now safe. 55 food allergies – including asthma – all cleared. Doctors say they believe it was a miracle. She is joining us on the 2014 fast! God is beyond good.