February 12, 2014


I have been a Born Again, Spirit-filled, tithing Christian since 1979. Through the years I have fasted off and on. In 1996 I got married and my husband (he is saved as well), and I have seen “all of hell come against us”. We have endured sicknesses, surgeries, many financial setbacks, my husband has almost died several times, our house could have burnt down if I had not smelled the smoldering rags under our sink just in the nick of time, bad heat exchanger and we could have been killed, (thank you Jesus), job losses and the list goes on. Recently, I will say about two years ago evil escalated into one thing after another in rapid succession, I was stranded on the highway with a blowout (tires were quite new) on the hottest day of the year, computers broke down, garage door broke, my husband was hit in the head by a crazed druggie (my husband was in law enforcement then) with a ceramic coffee mug, and many other things happened back-to-back. I told him something has got to give what is going on???? I was so exasperated and cried out to the Lord for help to stop these ambushments from the enemy, the quagmires, etc. He led me to pray and fast on the 21-day fast in January 2014 with Pastor Franklin and his church. Since that time, things have dramatically changed and all to the glory of God the Father! Things have changed in the spirit realm, I feel it, and I see it. We have had good things happen to us, from financial blessings to favor from people we do not know. It is truly amazing how fasting and prayer work to diminish the effects of the evil one in our lives. Thank you Pastor Franklin for your obedience and willingness to build up the Body of Christ. I wish more churches had your vision!