January 14, 2014


Good Morning! This morning’s devotion was right on target!! I am learning more each day what it means to fast. I have fasted in the past but nothing like I am doing this year. It’s more than just fasting from foods, it’s also fasting from other things that hinder me from spending more time in God’s presence, learning His words and following through His plan.

I am very blessed. This morning I have realized how much I am blessed. Even though I cannot watch/hear the sermons whether is live or recorded because I am deaf, I am blessed that I can read :) I have been spending more time in the mornings reading my Bible and talking to my Lord. I like to share with y’all, if that is okay: last Sunday while I was reading my Bible I felt a nudge like someone was talking to me. Trust me I was confused! I was told to do a full fast which shocked me because I was thinking about it but did not do it due to medical reasons. The nudge stayed with me throughout my reading of Ecclesiastes 12. I came across about why I should obey God and His commands as well as what I should do. It hit me … that the nudge I felt was possibly from God telling me to do a full fast. Well, I started on Sunday evening with doubts, and I will admit a little bit of fear, but I took the leap of faith and started the full fast from Daniel fast.

I have been on the full fast for three days now. So far it has been okay. I am just dealing with certain pains but I am not giving up because I am committed to doing my fast for His glory. This morning, I just knew it was Him telling me to fast. I am so glad that I had obeyed and followed through even with my doubts and fears. I am very thankful for this devotion as well as everyone who comments each day. I get inspired by your words. I am also praying for y’all too. I just feel “WOW” because I have learned about the true meaning of fasting, learning from these devotions, “meeting” you all and learning from you too.

Father God, bless each person who is fasting for Your glory. You know their needs and their desires. I pray for them today, tomorrow, everyday. You are the Father! Thank You for this honor of allowing us to be humble before You. Thank YOU. In Jesus name I pray, amen. Let Him bless you in this fast, each and every day!!!